Who we are

Shiners Premier Academy opened its doors in January 2023, extending a warm welcome to learners from Playgroup to Grade 5. Conveniently situated along the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway, adjacent to Shiners Girls High School and just 5 kilometers from Nakuru City's vibrant CBD, our school is perfectly located for easy access.

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Cultivating Excellence

Our aim is to provide a safe, disciplined and child-friendly learning environment which will empower learners to develop to their full potential. We are a mixed day primary school fully focused on offering and implementing the CBC curriculum. Our main focus is academic excellence as is embodied in our school motto, character formation and talent actualization.



Our Approach

The first question we asked ourselves when we set up was what distinguishes a great school from a good school. We believe that clarity of purpose, exceptional teachers, and demonstrated outcomes are all hallmarks of a great school.

We have a deep commitment to pupils' learning, where our teaching staff nourishes intellectual, moral, emotional, and social growth of every learner. We encourage learners, teachers, and parents to embark together on an academic journey as is embodied in the CBC curriculum.

Our members of staff are all experts in their disciplines with a deep commitment to learners' success. They take the time to get to know each child, providing support and encouragement that fosters learning and personal growth.

Our commitment to learners empowers them to exercise their intellectual curiosity, expand their understanding, and develop their critical thinking skills for future success.

Furthermore, our emphasis extends to character and values. We challenge each learner to be a person of integrity, a contributing member of the community, and a thoughtful, innovative citizen.