Our Amenities

Sensory Garden

In our bid for inclusion and the learners to interact more with the environment, we have created a sensory garden which stimulates the learners’ need for exploration. The garden enables them to relax and enjoy their surroundings while providing them with a multi-sensory environment.

In addition, this garden is essential for learners with special needs because most of them learn best through different textures, scents, sounds, and colors provided by their surroundings and as a therapy for those with sensory processing disorders.

Modern Play Area

Our modern play area is designed for learners of all ages to enjoy, explore, and interact with their peers while under the supervision of our dedicated teachers. Equipped with toys, slides, swings, and more, it's a place where children can simply be children.

Outdoor Children's Gym

We've set up a well-equipped children's gym where physical education, special events, and fun activities take place. Here, learners are challenged in a non-competitive environment to develop their bodies and minds, build self-esteem, and encourage positive group interactions.

Aquatic Center

Our aquatic center provides a safe and fun space for learners to acquire new skills and grow in wellness. With modern swimming facilities and competent instructors, it's perfect for leisurely swims or competitive training.


Our state-of-the-art library offers a relaxed learning environment, encouraging learners to expand their literacy skills and develop a love for reading and learning beyond the classroom.

Music Room

Complementing the CBC curriculum, our state-of-the-art music room provides a space for learners to explore their musical talents.

Art Room

In our modern art room, learners have the freedom to explore their artistic talents beyond the classroom. Display spaces allow them to showcase their work for peers, teachers, parents, and visitors.

Vocational Training Areas

We offer dedicated spaces for vocational training, including a computer lab equipped with high-speed internet, a learning support center for additional guidance, and a multi-purpose hall for various school activities and events.

Dining Hall

Our comfortable dining hall provides a space for learners to enjoy nutritious meals prepared by our skilled kitchen staff while emphasizing proper table manners.


Our full-time nurse oversees the health and well-being of learners and staff, maintaining a well-stocked dispensary under strict supervision.

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Our campus boasts outdoor sports facilities, including a tennis court, basketball pitch, and football field, providing opportunities for physical activity and sportsmanship.

Clubs and Societies

We offer a diverse range of clubs and societies, including cookery, scouting, band, skating, and the 4k Club, encouraging learners to explore their interests and passions.